Lab: testing and customized new electromechanical solutions for rotating machines

ITAC testing new raw materials and customized new electromechanical solutions for rotating machines, sector experience:
• Ventilation
• White industry
• Automotive
• Cleaning
• Compressors
• Hydraulic
• Transmission
The laboratory testing is integrated into our projects & products.
The planning stage is essential to obtain an effective and efficient product production. Through a detailed study using breakthrough software, we can design high quality products, with mechanical strength, durability and superior maneuverability. At the same time a detailed study of the products can resolve most of the problems related to the achievement of the mold design and anticipate critical points in the production phase. This increases quality, reduces the costs associated with implementation, development of molds and molding.
The main stages of the project include:
• analysis and definition of functional and economic aims;
• critical structural study necessary to fulfill the mechanical, thermal and physical requirements;
• identification of materials suitable to meet the functionality;
• preliminary design of the piece;
• checks F.E.A. – F.E.M. (Finite Element Analysis, Finite Element Method);
• analysis of fluid dynamics in cavity;
• final design of the piece;
• design of the mold;
• implementation of the mold;
• testing.